Disk Archive Corporation

Disk Archive Corporation specialises in developing and supporting high capacity, high availability solutions for long-term storage of large volumes of Media files

ALTO Modular Archive Storage

ALTO's Modular Architecture is designed specifically for Offline Storage. When files are not being archived or restored, the disk drives are spun-down and stopped. ALTO goes beyond MAID with independent control of each disk drive to further reduce power consumption, extend disk life and allow disks to be externalized for shelf storage or transportation. User selectable Data Replication writes data files to multiple locations within the Archive to provide the required balance of security and storage efficiency. ALTO is a modular system which can be fully or partly populated with locally sourced off- the-shelf disks.

ALTO Integration Options

ALTO is designed to be scalable. Systems can be expanded from a few Terabytes to many Petabytes in manageable increments of capacity and cost without any downtime or disruption to services.There are two approaches to integrating an expanded Archive depending the requirements for the solution and the capabilities of the Management Application or the Middleware that is integrating ALTO into the workflow.

Distributed Systems - MAM system may independently control each ALTO in an distributed system as a separate archive. This form of granular configuration is usually managed by a Workflow-based MAM with a Native interface to ALTO. 

Centralized Systems -  Centralized Systems can take a simpler approach which is more suitable for Production systems and Workgroup libraries where the management layer may not support the ALTO API. In this case integration is based on the ALTO Filer which provides CIFS/SaMBa and FTP integration.

ALTO Filer Appliance - is a 1RU Accessory Appliance which connects to the same 1G or 10G network as the ALTO and hosts the virtual file system in enterprise-class archives. For single ALTO configurations ALTO Filer can be embedded directly in the System Chassis.

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