Telestream Dashboard and Reporting & Analytics

Complete workflow management

Total visibility and control of the workflow, for management of large-scale system deployments

Telestream Vantage® Domain Management Options provides total visibility and system management for large-scale media processing environments. Domain management options include the Web-Based System Dashboard and the Reporting and Analytics options.

As media companies generate increasing revenue through file-based workflows, they cannot afford interruptions or inefficiencies in their media processing. In large-scale media processing environments, the ability to visualize the health of participating systems is necessary for administrators to ensure that the workflow is operating smoothly. Overall system health is especially important in mission-critical commercial workflows, time-critical news workflows, and high-volume content repurposing environments. So much content is moving through these facilities that any workflow interruptions or inefficiencies would cause serious delays. 

Web-based System Dashboards (Requires the Vantage System Dashboard options) 

Today’s large-scale video workflows typically involve two or more servers working in a cluster to perform media processing tasks. As system size increases, the task of watching multiple servers, multiple processes, and multiple 3rd-party systems becomes exponentially difficult. Tracking system health becomes very important, and system administrators must not only be able to log into each system remotely to correct errors, but use system metrics to predict potential system failures.

Vantage provides web-based dashboards specifically designed for managing large-scale video workflows. System health indicators summarize system performance and health statistics, and provide diagnostic tools to isolate and recover system inefficiencies. Statistics such as server queue length, processing load, and average percentage of errors allow administrators to detect servers which may be having trouble.

This allows you to proactively take steps to avoid system failures. Snapshot summary information allows system monitoring from across the room, allowing you to comfortably track system health from a central location.

Combining visual workflow design and powerful analysis tools, Vantage offers visibility into the true nature of the workflow.

Historical Job Reporting (Requires the Vantage Reporting and Analytics option)

Historical reporting of system capacity utilization, overall usage and throughput, distribution statistics and other measurements are essential for effective billing, capacity planning, and predictive maintenance. Vantage exports detailed job history, allowing for analysis of job metrics and metadata. Customer billing IDs may be attached to jobs and made available as part of a report. Job timing can be exported into spreadsheet software or custom reporting tools to determine average wait times, and for capacity planning.

Workflow Analytics (Requires the Vantage Reporting and Analytics option)

With Vantage decision-making, one workflow may service multiple clients, multiple distribution channels and multiple media types. But which clients are the heaviest users? Which distribution channels are sent to the most? In sophisticated workflows, this type of analysis can provide valuable insights into workflow optimization. Vantage Domain Management Options includes tools for analyzing workflow process utilization. Bottleneck analysis analyzes job history, presents the average times for each task in the process, and visually indicates the slowest steps in a workflow. Workflow execution analysis indicates which branches in a process are most commonly executed, indicating which clients, formats, and decisions are the most common. 

Real-time execution analysis also provides a single view of batch jobs, showing aggregate progress visually as they complete the workflow. 


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