Telestream Pipeline

A better way to ingest HD/SD-SDI video from tape and live sources.

Telestream Pipeline HD Dual™ is a network-based video capture and playout device for moving HD and SD video and audio in and out of any file-based workflow. This solution offers users more choices for fast, robust, reliable video capture. 

 Sits on your network, so anyone can access it

Pipeline HD Dual provides freedom from the hassles, limitations and expense of traditional capture-card solutions on a dedicated workstation. Common network protocols, RS-422 deck control and frame-accurate ingest/playout make the Pipeline HD Dual a smart choice for any video workflow.

More choices, more flexibility

Pipeline HD Dual offers four easy ways to capture your video: schedule recording of live feeds, log and capture from tape, manual record and control through a simple automation API. Pipeline provides direct support for MXF workflows, creating OPAtom and OP1a media. For those wishing to maintain closed captions and other ancillary data, Pipeline offers methods of achieving this via MXF, TIFO and Avid/Apple proprietary schemes. In addition to capture, we offer an easy Print to Tape and controlled playout interface for those wishing to insert edit, assemble edit back to tape, or use Pipeline as a virtual VTR. We offer a choice of encoding formats in a single box to handle your changing format needs. Pipeline HD Dual encodes to DV25/50, DVCPRO25/50/HD, IMX 30/40/50, 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 SD/HD and 8-bit/10-bit Avid DNxHD® up to 220Mbit. Extend your workflow to virtually any additional format with Telestream’s Vantage.

Edit or transcode while capture for quick turnaround

Pipeline HD Dual allows you to edit or transcode your media files while they are being captured. No need to wait for the complete file to arrive. Batch ingest from an EDL file allows you to encode multiple clips from a single tape. Plus, real-time reliable hardware encoding removes capture card/workstation operating system and driver incompatibilities.

 Cost-effective network import/export station

Pipeline enables any machine on the network to act as a dedicated, network import/export station – making it very cost effective. In addition, Pipeline offers support for direct extraction and preservation of ancillary data and a wide variety of time code sources. Powerful web service API makes it easy to develop an application that will automate control of multiple Pipeline systems.

Multi-channel scalability

Pipeline HD Dual offers exceptional encoding density in a compact 1RU box – and includes dual power supplies for critical workflows. Pipeline HD Dual offers flexibility and can be scaled to an unlimited number of channels..

Ideal for real-time video capture into a variety of broadcast, post-production and other professional workflows.

Ingest into editing workflows

Pipeline saves significant time and costs over traditional ingest solutions by importing media directly into your editing workflow. A single workstation or server can handle the demands of ingesting multiple SD or HD streams. Captured files can be accessed immediately for editingin Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Avid MediaCentral environments, allowing incoming events and breaking news to be edited while they are being captured. External encoding allows you to use your edit workstation for editing – instead of waiting for clips to be fully captured.

Ingest into transcoding workflows

Use Pipeline for high-quality baseband ingest into your Vantage workflow. Telestream’s systems can simultaneously create a high-res file for storage while creating a low-res proxy or create any number of additional file formats in near-realtime. Transcoding can begin immediately while ingesting media, saving you time and money. Pipeline also preserves important metadata, such as closed captions, throughout your transcoding workflow.

Playout to Tape or Monitor

Pipeline can be used to playout QuickTime or MXF OP1a files back to tape or a monitor for quality checking. In addition a Pipeline system can be turned into a virtual VTR, allowing it to be controlled via Sony 9-pin commands via RS422.

Pipeline Replay

Telestream Pipeline™ Replay™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system for capturing multiple high-definition camera feeds, for instant synchronized review of any camera angle from a live event timeline. With Pipeline Replay, you can record an entire day’s event, instantly review any point of time, then jump back to view live action. Scrub, in sync, over the entire event timeline, creating a seamless multi-clip playback experience. Pipeline replay also allows you to repurpose media for editing, transcoding, creation of highlights, or web/mobile distribution. Pipeline Replay combines Telestream Pipeline HD Dual hardware encoder with its high-performance, multi-clip Replay software application.

Pipeline HD Dual real-time hardware encoder

Each Pipeline HD Dual in a Pipeline Replay system captures two channels of HD-SDI video from live sources and encodes them in real time to Apple ProRes HD. Since files are immediately accessible while they are being captured, Pipeline is ideal for instant review of live sports action. Pipeline’s compact, one-rack-unit size offers unparalleled encoding density and portability for easy installation in mobile sports vehicles. Since it is network-based, Pipeline is highly scalable and easy for anyone on the network to access.



Pipeline Replay multi-clip player application

Pipeline Replay multi-clip player application Replay is a multi-clip player that simultaneously synchronizes dozens highdefinition camera feeds. With frame accurate timing data, the player can view any point in time to provide you with an accurate picture of what is happening on any section of the track or field. You can even copy content right from the timeline to a laptop or external drive for later review, anytime, anywhere.

Capture IP data stream and add customer metadata

Replay also allows you to capture an event’s IP data stream. The time-stamped data is extracted and placed as markers on the timeline with a descriptive name, enabling one-click access directly to the action. Replay also allows custom metadata logging after the event.

Since the system is XML-driven, you can add custom metadata tags and create new markers for incidents you want to review later. It all goes into an XML document that can be used for archiving purposes. Pipeline Replay can easily be customized to ingest time-stamped metadata from multiple sources, making it useful for all types of live, multi-camera events or sports, reality TV production, or applications where review and logging of multiple camera angles is required.

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