Real-Time Monitor (RTM)

RTM is a single channel full reference monitoring device for audio quality, video quality, audio/video sync (lip-sync), audio program loudness and VANC line data integrity. RTM monitoring solutions test these signal parts and reports the results graphically for the user continuously for any duration. It will alert (via audio or SNMP) and automatically record incoming audio/video when the quality drops below a pre-configured threshold. The recorded uncompressed AV sequences from both inputs are then available for payback as a synchronized side-by-side output from the RTM system’s HDSDI interface for program error review and resolution.

RTM - Main User Interface



RTM is controlled via graphical user interface, command line or SNMP MIB client. A side by side analysis player is included with RTM systems, outputting full resolution source to processed split screen comparisons on a single HDSDI.

RTM - Signal Flow Diagram


Automatically aligns: 

- Finds motion/transitions in audio/video

- Aligns video inputs spatially/temporally

- Aligns audio to the sample

- Calculates audio and video offset

Set automatic recordings based on:

- Pre-set degradation thresholds

- Frequency of error event

- Consecutive number of events

Dynamically realigns:

- Missing frames/samples 

- Changes in processing or network delay

Continually reports and logs:

-Video quality with DMOS or PSNR

- Audio performance with aFreq

- Audio program group loudness

- A/V offset - non-invasively

- VANC data integrity per video line

Records upon threshold breaks in:

- Video quality

- Audio quality

- Audio/Video offset (lip sync)

- VANC data integrity per video line

Off-line Analysis

- Review RTM logs as text, on RTM

Grapher or export to Excel

- Drag and drop log files on RTM

Player GUI to restore recordings

- Comparatively view as side by side  the source and processed A/V  recordings with scalable graph of  the quality score on player GUI

RTM systems include:

- Reference test patterns

- RTM Player with file exporter

- Desktop Metric Grapher

To view the RTM Data Sheet please click HERE.


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