Quantitative video quality measurement, analysis and automated video quality testing.

Clearview Extreme 4K

ClearView is a state-of-the-art test & measurement video analyser for AV quality, subjective viewing, recording and playing 4K (or Dual 1080P) high definition uncompressed sequences with audio. The ClearView quality analyser serves an uncompressed audio/video stream to your encoder, captures the output of your decoder (via IP stream or file), aligns the streams and scores the quality. It uses a human visual and/or auditory system metric to score the audio and video quality, measure the absolute difference between what was sent and what was received and show you the two sequences in many different comparative views.

The ClearView Analyser features four full reference scoring methods and four no-reference scoring methods:

  • MOVIE: MOtion-based Video Integrity Evaluation index which is able to provide one of the most accurate perceptual video quality measurements.
  • MS-SSIM/DMOS: Multi-Scale Structural Similarity Image Quality Assessment on both MS-SSIM and DMOS scales, where DMOS is the difference between the mean opinion scores of the reference and processed video.
  • JND: The number of human observers that must be gathered to end up with at least one person who believes that the processed video is at least as good as the reference (just noticeable differences).
  • PEAQ: Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality with two scales produced from a computerized model of the human ear, BS.1387 and BS.1118.
  • APEAK: True-peak audio measurement per channel according to ITU-R BS.1770-3.
  • LKFS: Audio loudness measurement per program according to ITU-R BS.1770-3.
  • Spatial: Calculates the activity power of a video frame, a higher number indicates more changes in the frame.
  • Temporal: Calculates the changes between successive video frames, a zero indicates a frozen frame.

Clearview Player 4K

ClearView Players provide a reliable solution for R&D and quality assurance labs with programmable playback operations for all formats of uncompressed video. It's a 3RU YUV/RGB player with Dual Quad/HDSDI 4K, HDMI, Component, Composite, and S-Video I/O and plays a known quality video to a processing device or a display for subjective testing.

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