VidiGo Visual Radio

VidiGo Visual Radio can turn your radio show into an entertaining visual show. VidiGo Visual Radio is a fully automated software solution that automatically switches cameras and plays graphics by analyzing audio signals and XML data from the radio station’s automation system. This way it is able to mimic a real director, leaving the radio presenters  to do what they are good at, making radio.


Live TV created from your radio station

VidiGo Visual Radio turns radio broadcasting into an entertaining and compelling visual show. Visual Radio is an add-on to your radio production without the need for extra staff. It enables you to take radio broadcasting to the next level, by giving your audience the change to experience unique radio moments. Visual Radio turns your listeners into viewers.


Visual content is becoming more important to your audience

Radio is more than only audio content.

Access to other media platforms is getting more important in radio. The new generation is consuming media on their mobile and screen devices. This audience loves doing everything at the same time. Watching TV, browsing the web, chatting on their smart phones and reading the latest news ‘on the go’.

62% increase of viewers-listeners on the website with the live stream of Visual Radio

82% of the listeners love the idea or enriching the live radio show

70% of the listeners ranked Visual Radio as a good addition to the radio show

VidiGo Visual Radio is a combination of camera switching, dynamic digital video effect (DVE) and graphics overlays with real time XML updates and audio control.



Integration with existing radio production workflow

VidiGo Visual Radio collaborates with the existing radio production workflow and empowers the visual creativity of the host. This means that events or actions in the studio can trigger visual effects like new graphic overlays, start playing a video or any camera movement.  For instance: when starting a jingle, a specific graphic overlay will be displayed.

Natural switching behavior

The intelligent algorithm of the Audio Director secures natural camera switching behavior.  It is also possible to customize the Audio Director for specific radio formats.

Real time graphics – XML feeds integration

Real time graphics will boost the viewer experience and interaction.  Any data source can be used to display information on the graphics like:

Show now/next playing & artist info

Social Media, Traffic, News, Sports and Events

Channel branding, lower thirds and logos

Interactive real time graphics will keep your audience informed, connected and glued to your Radio-TV broadcast.

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