So long and thanks for all the Flips

Today is the last day that Telestream's FlipFactory transcoding software can be purchased and I did not want to let this milestone pass without some comment. 

In 2000 the broadcast world was a totally different place. Broadcast servers had only baseband I/O, video on the web was in its infancy and certainly not a revenue earning activity, and a 'cloud' was something that spoiled picnics. But, at this time, Telestream saw where things were heading and the future was file. After successfully helping to change how media was delivered with their ClipMail product, Telestream moved focus to making transcoding an enterprise, server based activity that could be automated and was designed for volume and FlipFactory was born. 

FlipFactory sales were initially modest in the UK but as the product matured and as our customers’ workflows (we didn't call them workflows then) evolved, FlipFactory found its place creating content for the web, for production dailies and soon for moving content to transmission servers. Many customers created their own control and workflow systems alongside many MAM, DAM and automation vendors adopting FlipFactory as their transcoder of choice. As newsrooms went filebased FlipFactory enabled filebased delivery from news wires and remote bureaus to edit systems, paving the way and aiding adoption of the standards and practices that our customers rely on today. When baseband play-in of commercials ended FlipFactory was used by many to revolutionise the process delivering the ad directly to the tx server. 

As customers grew and applications evolved it became clear that FlipFactory needed to change too. It needed to scale larger, to embrace new developments in IT hardware and interfacing methodologies and it needed to add layers of resilience necessary in what had become such an import component in the customer's workflow chain. And so the transition began to the next platform: 'Vantage'. 

Today is a huge milestone in that transition. Whilst FlipFactory is still supported, our customers have made, or are finalising, their transitions to the new platform and (the now mature) Vantage product continues to go from strength to strength, offering many new features and enabling new levels of performance for the next generation of file-based production. 

Thank you to all our customers and integration partners for your support over the last 15 years - FlipFactory we salute you! 

Marc Risby 

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